The best simulated intelligence chatbots: ChatGPT and other state of the art choices to attempt

All that artificial intelligence chatbots and journalists can ease up your responsibility by composing messages and expositions. ChatGPT is only one famous model out of other likewise essential chatbots.

Whether opening your telephone through face acknowledgment or advising Alexa to play a melody, man-made brainpower has sifted into our regular day to day existences. Presently, you can bridle the force of computer based intelligence to do your composition, as well. At your order, artificial intelligence chatbots can compose that paper you have been fearing to begin, compose code, make messages, or even finish your MBA test.

Despite the fact that ChatGPT has made an incredible buzz, its notoriety has made it questionable for ordinary use since it’s frequently at limit. The beneficial thing is there are a lot of computer based intelligence chatbots that are similarly as competent, and accessible at whatever point you really want them. We set up a rundown of the best computer based intelligence chatbots and simulated intelligence essayists available and itemized all that you want to be aware prior to picking your next composing right hand.

pros & cons


  • Writing skills
  • STEM knowledge
  • Conversational


  • Not always available
  • Not connected to the internet

more details

ChatGPT features:

  • Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 (if subscribed) 
  • Can do text generation, solve math problems, and code
  • Offers conversation capabilities
  • Price: Completely free to the public right now

ChatGPT is a conversational man-made intelligence chatbot that can deliver text for you in light of any brief you input, creating messages, expositions, sonnets, raps, basic food item records, letters, and substantially more.

As well as composing for you, it can talk with you about basic or complex subjects, for example, “What are varieties?” or “What is going on with life?” ChatGPT is likewise capable in STEM and can compose and troubleshoot code, and even address complex numerical statements. Best of all, the help is totally free to the public right now since it is still in its examination and criticism assortment stage.

The enormous disadvantage is that the chatbot is frequently at limit because of its colossal fame. In any case, ChatGPT In addition to gives clients general access in any event, during busy times when the free adaptation is at limit.

One more significant advantage of ChatGPT In addition to is that it gives clients admittance to GPT-4, OpenAI’s most developed language model – – which is altogether more proficient than past models. The membership cost for ChatGPT In addition to is $20 each month.

Whether unlocking your phone through face recognition or telling Alexa to play a song, artificial intelligence has filtered into our everyday lives. Now, you can harness the power of AI to do your writing, too. At your command, AI chatbots can write that paper you have been dreading to start, write code, compose emails, or even pass your MBA exam.

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Although ChatGPT has made quite the buzz, its popularity has made it unreliable for everyday use since it’s often at capacity. The good thing is there are plenty of AI chatbots that are just as capable, and available whenever you need them. We put together a list of the best AI chatbots and AI writers on the market and detailed everything you need to know before choosing your next writing assistant.


The best AI chatbot overall


pros & cons


Writing skills

STEM knowledge



Not always available

Not connected to the internet

ChatGPT features:

Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 (if subscribed)

Can do text generation, solve math problems, and code

Offers conversation capabilities

Price: Completely free to the public right now

ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot that is able to produce text for you based on any prompt you input, generating emails, essays, poems, raps, grocery lists, letters, and much more.

In addition to writing for you, it can chat with you about simple or complex topics such as “What are colors?” or “What is the meaning of life?” ChatGPT is also proficient in STEM and can write and debug code, and even solve complex math equations. The best part is that the service is completely free to the public right now because it is still in its research and feedback-collection phase.

The big downside is that the chatbot is often at capacity due to its immense popularity. However, ChatGPT Plus gives users general access even during peak times when the free version is at capacity.

Another major perk of ChatGPT Plus is that it gives users access to GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced language model — which is significantly more capable than previous models. The subscription cost for ChatGPT Plus is $20 per month.

Microsoft’s Bing ChatGPT

The best AI chatbot for search engine uses

pros & cons


  • Access to the internet
  • Links back to sources
  • Uses OpenAI’s most advanced LLM


  • Limited preview
  • Query cap

more details

Bing ChatGPT features: 

  • OpenAI’s most advanced LLM, GPT-4
  • Has access to the internet 
  • Works like a search engine with information on current events
  • Price: Free

Bing’s chatbot is as of now in a restricted see while Microsoft tests it with people in general

From testing the chatbot, 360 TECH PLANET found that it tackled two significant issues with ChatGPT including approaching recent developments and connecting back to the sources it found its solution from. The chatbot is free and simple to utilize, making it a helpful option in contrast to a standard web search tool. Despite the fact that Bing’s chatbot isn’t accessible to general society yet, there is a shortlist you can join.

The main way you can get to GPT-4 free of charge is by utilizing Bing Talk. In the event that Bing Talk’s admittance to the aggregate of the web – – notwithstanding ChatGPT – – wasn’t sufficient to influence you to get on the shortlist, admittance to OpenAI’s most recent model very well could.


The best AI chatbot for businesses and marketers

pros & cons


  • 50 different writing templates
  • Copyediting features
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Focuses on written text
  • Steep cost

more details

Jasper features: 

  • Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3
  • Can summarize texts and generate paragraphs and product descriptions
  • Checks for plagiarism and grammar
  • Price: Starts at $24 per month

Like ChatGPT, Jasper additionally utilizes normal language handling to produce human-like reactions. Jasper even purposes a similar language model as ChatGPT, OpenAI’s GPT-3, which was made by the computer based intelligence research organization behind ChatGPT.

With Jasper, you can include a brief for what you need to be composed and it will compose it for you, very much like ChatGPT would. The significant contrast with Jasper is that it has a broad measure of apparatuses to deliver better duplicate. Jasper can check for punctuation and literary theft and write in north of 50 unique layouts including, blog entries, Twitter strings, video contents, and that’s just the beginning.

Assuming that you really want to produce composed duplicate consistently for your business, Jasper is an ideal apparatus for you. In any case, at a $24-a-month cost, it is a speculation.


The best ChatGPT alternative

pros & cons


  • Readily available
  • Free
  • Source Citing


  • UI lacks aesthetic appeal
  • In beta stage

more details

YouChat features: 

  • Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3
  • Lists sources for the text it generates
  • It even uses Google sources (unlike most other AI chatbots)
  • Price: Free

YouChat additionally utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-3, as ChatGPT and Jasper. With Jasper, you can enter a brief for what you need to be composed and it will compose it for you, very much like ChatGPT would for nothing. The chatbot yields a response to anything you input including math, coding, deciphering, and composing prompts. An enormous star for this chatbot is that, since it needs ubiquity, you can jump on whenever and ask away.

Another significant master is that this chatbot refers to sources from Google, which ChatGPT doesn’t on the grounds that it doesn’t have web access. For instance, in the event that you ask YouChat “What is pop?”, it will create a conversational text reaction and refer to sources from Google determining where it pulled its data from. The chatbot is comparably useful, without irritating limit impedes, and has no expense.

Chatsonic by Writesonic

The best AI chatbot for news content creators

pros & cons


  • Up-to-date
  • Variety of use cases
  • Free trial


  • Subscription cost
  • Can’t do math

more details

Chatsonic features: 

  • Supported by Google
  • Powered by GPT-4
  • Aware of current events (ChatGPT stops at 2021)
  • Offers voice dictation, AI image generation, and more
  • Price: The monthly cost starts at $13 per month

Chatsonic is a reliable simulated intelligence chatbot, particularly On the off chance that you really want an artificial intelligence chatbot that is forward-thinking on recent developments. Since Chatsonic is upheld by Google, it knows about current news and can give you answers and stories that connect with it, which ChatGPT can’t do since its information base doesn’t go beyond 2021.

Chatsonic likewise incorporates references with connections to the sources so you can confirm the data it is taking care of out to you, one more tremendous differentiation from ChatGPT. One more significant advantage is that Chatsonic is controlled by GPT-4, OpenAI’s most recent and generally progressed model.

Other cool elements incorporate voice transcription, which allows you to talk prompts as you would with Alexa, and simulated intelligence picture age. If you have any desire to attempt it, you get a helpful free preliminary for 2,500 words with no Mastercard required. The month to month cost begins at $13 each month however goes as far as possible up to $1749 each month relying upon the quantity of words required.

Google Bard

Best AI chatbot for writing assistance

pros & cons


  • Free
  • Access to Google
  • Good text editing skills


  • No sources
  • Can’t help much with code

more details

Google Bard features: 

  • From Google
  • Has a “Google it” feature 
  • Generates clear text quickly
  • Price: Free

Poet is Google’s exploratory, conversational, artificial intelligence visit administration. More than a month after it was reported, Google opened up the shortlist for its chatbot on Blemish. 21, 2023.

Dissimilar to the greater part of the chatbots on this rundown, Google doesn’t utilize a huge language model in the GPT series however rather utilizes a lightweight form of LaMDA, a model made by Google. 360 TECH PLANET gained admittance to the bot and after testing, it saw that the chatbot’s capacities to code and work as a web index were not the chatbot’s specialty. Nonetheless, the chatbot performed well as a text colleague that can alter text and compose proficient records, including resumes, introductory letters, proficient outlines, from there, the sky is the limit.

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