How to Deal with layoffs?

What kind of situation is going on with layoffs?

In the current situation or whatever is going on in the economy I will say whatever is going on in the IT sector It’s very scary a lot of people have been layoff.

What do we do now?

So, look, the skills you have are the most important. If you are such a person who was brought on the job only by luck you have come to your job, to your current position. Or maybe you didn’t do any learning since you were a fresher there and you were hired and finally, you got so much mixed in that routine that you used to think that I was sitting idle in the office. I don’t have to do any work or I can enjoy it, I am entitled to all these things because I worked during the placement time of college, if you think like this then what you are thinking is completely wrong. This is not how it works, If you want to survive in the IT sector then you have to keep yourself updated maybe the technology you are learning today date It may become obsolete tomorrow.

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what is the guarantee that I will not be fired from the job?

Now let’s take an example from earlier many people were hired in the name of jQuery developers. Are they given that much value in today’s date? Do you think that today’s date there are jobs in the name of jQuery developer? probably would have, ok Maybe for maintaining some legacy software that uses jQuery but as of today, we all know that vanilla JavaScript is so powerful So, is the career of people over who used to program in jQuery? No, it doesn’t happen at all, if they keep themselves updated So, he can build a new career, he can learn React, he can move to Next.JS And let me tell you one thing very clearly my experience says that even today there is a dearth of good developers. Will be there tomorrow also and will be there, how can I say this with such a guarantee? That’s why I am saying this because today date People only go to LinkedIn, keep applying for jobs say I will learn HTML, I will learn CSS, I will make 2-4 websites And then they say now get me a job, that too for 10 LPA, 12 LPA so, it is not possible. Well, understand its reason. When you will prove useful actual in the industry then you will be able to do something, you will not be able to do just like that not as you are thinking, That I did it.

Learn New things:

I learned HTML, Now I can create a web page, I learned to change background color from CSS, Now get me a job. It doesn’t work that way you think by yourself what products do you use and what services do you pay for, think by yourself that you are paying for Microsoft One Drive Maybe

If you want to buy a subscription, let’s say Spotify or let’s say Netflix that means the kind of technology that is being used in it, You think by yourself is it basic HTML or basic CSS or very light if-else programming

No, you will have to level up for that and you will have to level up at this level so that you can say that yes, I will handle this service for divorce. I will take care of its frontend, backend, I will improve it when you start learning things of that level then your fear will end automatically. What will happen if I am rejected what will happen if I am fired from the job, I am not saying here that if you are afraid, you are afraid of this that what will be happen, if I will be layoff what will happen, if I am fired from the job tomorrow, It is also very important to be afraid of and I will tell the reason for it. You should always have a plan, ok if you are working in a job that doesn’t require you at all, which means you go to work come back after spending time and login daily but you are not doing any significant work. So, this is a big alarm bell. let me tell you if not today then tomorrow what if you are fired, what if you are laid off when you are a useless person, I should not speak when you are a useless person, ok If you are a useless person, so, you can’t do anything after that once you’ve been fired maybe luckily you just went to that job Suppose you have come through in any way by any networking or by clearing any exam etc. or on the basis of CGPA or somehow, you got the job.

So, there is no guarantee, That job is going to be with you if your skills are zero then you people it is not just that job is there if you have got it, then it is okay. My company is so good, this doesn’t happen here Anything can happen tomorrow, well keep this in mind, And if you have the responsibility of the family or home Or maybe many people are the only earners in the family if that is the case then open your eyes, even more, This is a fact.

Just by messaging, that whether this company does layoff, someone has told you No, this company does not do layoffs. Nobody knows that what is going to happen tomorrow if you put your mind to it there are many companies that say that we will get jobs, Give us this much money do the course

we will get you a job will be guaranteed, placement will be guaranteed, You will say that the person in front is giving a guarantee Along with the same you are also getting the 36 pages of terms and conditions signed on which it is probably written on the twenty-fifth page that there is no guarantee.

The guarantee is only if you are skilled and it is a very subjective term if you don’t get a job tomorrow, He will say that we had written on the twenty-fifth page very clearly that if you are not skilled then we will not give you a job. Then what will you do that means we have to bring a little understanding, I am not saying that you should not do this, do not buy this, do not do this Use your mind once whether I am investing money in this thing is it worth it? Look, overall, 1 thing out of 100 is this if you know something if you know DevOps or let’s say any other machine learning web development, If it comes then you must be doing somewhere.

There is a need, Web development is not dead, Machine learning is not dead, Android Development is not dead and not will be Ok, why?

Because believe today one work is done by one technology, tomorrow it will be done by another technology and people were using today’s technology, If tomorrow with some new technology the same thing will happen to it suppose a new thing is brought for Android. For people who were programming in Kotlin, Java it would be naturally easy to learn, Ok if you remember in the time of Covid, All the people who were working in IT industry they were benefited a lot a lot of hiring was done because there was a need for engineers.

Now I am not scaring you here by saying that what will happen if your layoff is done what will happen if you lose your job tomorrow? Look, the simple thing is, you have to have an answer if something happens Let’s say, God, forbid something like this happens to you tomorrow, that you lost your job or you have been done layoff, then don’t panic, ok you have to think ahead there See, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Tomorrow if you have been done layoff, then I have a plan tomorrow if I lose my job then, I have a plan, I have to do this, it is clear. It is written on the front that if this does not happen then the time I used to spend on it now will go here, ok you must have such plans too. And if you don’t have these plans in place, then there can be pushback and that pushback is very messy, because I’ve seen people, And I am meeting people, with whom all these problems are coming. so, I just want to tell you that if you are sleeping And you are just asking questions here and there that my job is like this, I will not be fired like this so, it is not like that at all, ok You have to keep your skills on point, if you know one thing today, if you sit idle for 3 years then everything will go away this is a fact. This is the rule of the IT industry, ok if I go to sleep today and I wake up 10 years from now then if I haven’t done anything in the next 10 years So, my knowledge will be obsolete to a great extent maybe 10 years from now HTML will work again but many things will be like this which if I do not know that then there will be a problem and I will not be able to stand in front of that person. I will not be able to stand equal to him who has worked for 10 years. Or why not work only in the IT industry, if you are part of a company that had done mass hiring and had a lot of funding, And you were lost from that funding money, you don’t know anything.

So, brother you need to wake up you need to wake up and you need to work on your skills, Just asking me or asking someone else that whether I will be layoff or not, what if I say no? What is the guarantee What’s guaranteed, no guarantee, okay so, I say if you’re in this industry work, work hard definitely you will succeed, I say this, that work on your skills don’t listen to anyone, If someone says something to you or someone tells you a shortcut that here you are getting guaranteed jobs here you are getting guaranteed placements do this course, do this, do that. Look, you can guarantee yourself only by working you make consistency, you guarantee yourself then, By making consistency then look for one year work hard on yourself by giving your absolute best. Daily I’ve done it that’s why I’m telling you I’ve done it. And believe me, trust me, it works so, if you’re scared and you’re wondering what’s going on You see in your neighborhood someone is firing some this is happening, don’t take worries, I told you that focus on your skills, focus on your core area, if you are doing 5 to 8 things, I do know ML, I know this, I know that Catching your core area makes you the strongest in that do other things when you have time but that is the core area.

As it is said that my pulses and bread run with this that must be very strong of yours that’s the fact so, I will say the same to all of you That if you want to learn anything then you can learn from anywhere it is not necessary that you have to buy any paid course. Or you have very dangerous Twitter, someone sit and teaches you Twitter, and you have to read in-person only from people, There is nothing like this today and this industry is like this, that you have a laptop, you have internet you have a good instructor: Even if he is teaching online then what is the problem, that you people will become job ready just come, do the work daily and do all the exercises I am making you do and along with that put your hard work.

Don’t just watch the video, put your effort. that you should work on your skills to make someone worthy. After that you can say means it is very easy to say that there are no jobs, there are no openings, and there is no need for web developers. You try to be a good web developer what you think is a good web developer is not in reality, I tell myself I used to think that I know everything but the more I explore this thing, the less I know This is a very big sea so don’t panic take action just lying on the bed thinking nothing will happen Nothing will happen just by asking people, discussing it will work only if you do it

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